Asiel Adan Sanchez


Asiel Adan Sanchez


Writer/Spoken Word


Asiel Adan Sanchez is a non-binary doctor, writer and performer. Born and raised in Mexico, their work explores the intricacies of race, sex, gender, sexuality, mental health and medical systems. Their writing has appeared in Archer Magazine, Voiceworks Magazine, The Age and Crickey. Their academic work has appeared at the International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Health In Difference LGBTI Health Conference and the MD Student Conference.

In 2015 they spoke at the Orlando Vigil at Federation square and they have performed at the National Young Writer’s Festival, This Is Not Art, Cherchez La Femme, Fringe Festival and Midsumma Festival’s Queer Horizons.

As a medical student, they co-founded MDQ Health Collective, an organisation for medical students advocating for equity in healthcare. They’re currently producing the first educational resource addressing the healthcare needs of the LGBTIQ community for medical students and junior doctors.


[Original image by Jacinta Oaten]