Actress Theatre and Screen/Singer/Traditional Island Dancer/Spoken Word Artist/Tutor/Facilitator


Olive Asi is a Polynesian performing artist originally from New Zealand. Her ancestors come from the beautiful islands of Western Samoan, Upolu & Savaii. She was born in New Zealand and has been blessed to be raised both in NZ and Australian shores.
Olive is an established theatre actress and spoken word artist in New Zealand and has been for the last 10 years of her career. She constantly is discovering different ways of how she can be creative and express herself as an artist to share her story as a pacific island woman and faith. She faces different barriers as a working artist in the main stream industry and as a pacific islander, she finds creative ways to help her express her thoughts and views on the stereotypes that hinder her culture, identity and a woman of faith.
She has recently planted herself in Melbourne to create a career in film/theatre and poetry here in Australia and also to launch her own studio company that is to provide more work for other artist just like herself and also generate accessible platforms for people of different ethnicity in the industry who have the same passion and drive to pursue their dreams and talents in the different art forms.



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