Viva Lamore


Viva Lamore


Conceptual Comedic Burlesque


Viva Lamore is a performance artist from New York City whose bump and grind comes with a twist. A teenage runaway, she lived in a cage in the basement of a theater and worked at Coney Island Sideshows by the Seashore as Blade Box Girl and Electric Girl. She also danced at Baby Doll, one of the strip clubs in downtown NYC where the neo-burlesque movement got its start. After a dozen years working in legit theater and film, she has run off to Berlin to strut her stuff on variety stages throughout Europe. Inspired by everything from Hollywood glam to Japanese kitsch, Viva Lamore’s witty comedic routines cavort at the crossroads of theater, burlesque, and a really wild party. Expect more than the usual curves.


[Original image by CoalRaw]