Paula Varjack


Paula Varjack


Multi-Media Performance, Cabaret, Spoken Word


Paula Varjack is an artist working in video, theatre & performance. Her work explores identity, the unsaid, and making the invisible visible. She is often inspired by pop culture and by cabaret . Her approach is also influenced by a love of documentary, and her work is primarily interview based. Born in Washington to D.C. to a Ghanaian mother and English father, out of all the places she has lived, she considers east London to be “home”. She has performed at numerous arts festivals and cultural spaces including: Glastonbury Festival, Berlin International Literature Festival, Vault Festival, Chelsea Theatre, The Victoria & Albert Museum, Richmix, Wilton’s Music Hall, Battersea Arts Centre, The Southbank Centre, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Musicbox Lisbon, Es Balluard Museum of Contemporary Art, Tate Modern, and The Photographer’s Gallery.


[Original Image by Nikolas Louka]


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