Freelance Marketing & Social Media Manager

Closes: 9am, Thursday 2nd September 2021

Location: Haggerston, London 

Type: Part Time – 1.5 Days week (11.25hrs/week), 3 Month Contract, with option to extend to 6 Months. 

Salary: £112.50/wk (£10/hr)

Please be advised, you are responsible for your own tax.

Art Form: Cabaret, Queer Arts, LGBTQ+ 

To Apply: Application Link 

Freelance Marketing & Social Media Manager

The Cocoa Butter Club are seeking a creative and talented freelance marketing and social media manager to lead in the exciting new steps in our mission to grow our online presence and audience reach.

We are looking for someone with exciting and bold new ideas on how to  promote and strengthen our organisation’s brand, as well as promote and market our unique productions.

About The Cocoa Butter Club.

The Cocoa Butter Club is a Black, LGBTQ+ led performance platform and company.

‘The ultimate creative clap-back!’ The Cocoa Butter Club was born as a protest and challenge to the performing arts landscape. Frustrated with the lack of diversity, constant cultural appropriation, and other limitations of the current cabaret scene, we set out to fill a cultural void.

Providing a voice for “The Other” we exist to promote and celebrate performers of colour, creating a platform for the multitude of mediums artists create. From queer voices often shunned from the mainstream LGBTQ+ zeitgest, to non-white creatives wanting to perform something outside of the expected or limited box of tropes.

We strive to “decolonise & moisturise” the stages of London, UK, & abroad, redistributing the narrative of bodies of colour, providing agency and autonomy in celebrating our capabilities.

Experience our celebration of burlesque, circus, spoken word, live music, voguing, comedy and more; The Cocoa Butter Club is a cabaret/theatre/show production like no other!

About the Role

Social media

This exciting new role will offer the opportunity to develop intriguing and innovative digital content to engage with our community and to grow new audiences.

In addition, the marketing and social media manager will lead a focused social media strategy, concentrating on growing reach and following on Instagram in addition to building presence on Twitter and TikTok.


  • Set and implement digital content and social media strategy. This includes:
  • Planning the content calendar, regular communications to keep the team informed of plans.
  • Drafting social media copy, in line with The Cocoa Butter Clubs key messaging and framing.
  • Creating visual and / video content for social media.
  • Setting and implementing paid social media strategies, 
  • Manage all internal platforms (Social Media, Digital Advertising, Website and CRM)
  • Social media planning & management and creating imaginative content primarily for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn 


The focus of this will be preparing, planning and managing a project to promote a production,  create marketing campaigns and creating and developing new ways to communicate to the public and promote something to customers

  • Create marketing campaigns and review how effective it is 
  • Plan, develop and deliver marketing campaigns within tight deadlines: This includes generating revenue through ticket sales, developing audiences for The Cocoa Butter Club, and maintaining the high profile of the The Cocoa Butter Club and its important relationship with the local community and beyond.
  • Develop CRM plans to understand and retain bookers, creating progression routes for different audience segments.
  • To work with our Producer to ensure that they have a clear and well resourced marketing strategy
  • To ensure that The Cocoa Butter Club’s branding is maintained consistently across all productions
  • To design and produce or supervise (where appropriate) all advertisements, invitations, newsletters, or direct mail letters for The Cocoa Butter Club and to place and monitor all media advertising
  • Increasing traffic to the company website through a variety of marketing campaigns, including creating and running email campaigns –

Skills required:

  • Must have at least 1 years experience in a similar position using social media
  • Must have at least 1 years experience in working in marketing theatre so the transition into cabaret is smooth
  • Experience in Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After-Effects or other video editing application
  • Experience in Photoshop/ Indesign or other graphics application
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Self motivated and able to prioritise workloads efficiently

Desired (but not essential)

  • Integrated access (alt text, image descriptions etc)

To Apply: Application Link