Welcome to The Cocoa Butter Club

The Cocoa Butter Club’s roster of queer performers of colour is one of the most sought after black books around.
Our mission?
To moisturise a thirsty club scene with representations of The Other in everything from neo-burlesque to poetry, live music and voguing. 

What is The Cocoa Butter Club?

The Cocoa Butter Club is a celebration of you! 

A spirited soiree celebrating performers of colour within cabaret with regular events.

Wrapped in your favourite Neo-Soul, RnB, Motown, Blues and Jazz songs, discover Burlesque, Sideshow, Spoken Word, Live Music, Voguing and more; as The Cocoa Butter Club proudly provides a platform for performers of colour to exhibit culturally expressive work  for us to revel in! 

Why do we need The Cocoa Butter Club?

Call it a creative clap-back!

The Cocoa Butter Club gives a voice to The Other.  We exist to promote the fact that performers of colour are creating and in a multitude of mediums, and whilst our cabaret may not always look the same, please consider how artists draw on their past, present and futures and create work which reflects this.  

With initiatives such as Networking Hour (post show), we hope to remove the notion that performers of colour do not exist/ are not creating/ are not applying for Cabarets and instead hold a mirror to productions, asking if they encourage performers of colour and the messages their art carries.  

Our homepage also functions as a directory for producers and event organisers! 

How did we create The Cocoa Butter Club? 

As Creatives, when faced with the issues of cultural appropriation, lack of representation and even black-facing in cabaret, we had no choice but to create!- create something beautiful in response. So, we set up the alternative option for those who don’t want to see trivialising, appropriating or clowning of our cultures, but perhaps experience how fabulous our histories and  cultures are, as told by us. 

Where is the Cocoa Butter Club?

Monthly or quarterly, you can catch The Cocoa Butter Club at our beautiful queer London home

Her Upstairs 


18 Kentish Town Road, NW1 9NX

A cabaret bar with kitsch interiors, camp drinks and the quirky, queer drag entertainment that has become synonymous with the Camden LGBTQ+ scene. 

Nearest Tube: Camden Town

Experience The Cocoa Butter Club, every last Thursday of the month, as we bring our burlesque, spoken word and voguing to vibrant Camden Town. Entry is pay what you can. Sadly, this venue is not currently wheelchair accessible.  

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